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Where Are You Taking Me?

I was sitting in Oh Be Joyful church in Crested Butte when someone stood up saying it was time for the kiddos to go downstairs for Sunday school. There was a father leading his small son by hand to take him there. The son stopped in the middle of the aisle and questioned his dad, “daddy, where are you taking me?” The dad told his son with a smile, “come with me.” I wish I could say the son went with his dad, but the son turned around and decided to stay in big church.

This made me think about me and my heavenly father. How He leads me through life. How He is in control and knows exactly where He is guiding me. How I need to trust where He is leading me. But in reality, more times than not, I do not trust that His intentions for me are good. I am like the son in this story I just shared. I either decide to stay in my carefully nested comfort zone or I decide to make my own path, a shortcut to what I want. 

The second I surrendered my life to Christ, I gave up my life and all my control to follow Him. This whole sacrificing yourself thing is a daily choice. 

How could I doubt His intentions for me? All throughout scripture, I read of His love for His children that seek to live out their faith.

His intentions for me? Good. To obey His will for my life. His will for me? To glorify God. To use the gifts He gave me to make HIM known. To surrender. To let Him shape, mold, and use me in any way He wants. His desire from me? That I would follow HIM. Not the world, not myself, not others- HIM. 

When I stop and ask my Father where He’s taking me, I will not get the response I want. I won’t be told all of the details or exactly what to do or exactly how to get wherever I wanna get to follow Him. But I will be told to trust Him completely. I will be told, “come with me.” 

Now it’s my turn to trust and follow Him.

Thank you for reading,

Kait Madison


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